Caring for your baby’s skin – Strengthen baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

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Becoming a mother for the first time is both exciting and a little bit daunting. Your newborn baby can feel small and fragile, and you want to give him or her the very best care that you can.

Your baby’s skin is still developing, and it’s particularly delicate and sensitive.The right daily skincare routine will help you strengthen and protect your baby’s skin, keeping it healthy and soft. And the ritual of caring for your baby’s skin can be bonding too.

The importance of baby-specific skin care

A baby’s skin is 20% to 30% thinner than a grown-up’s skin. Extra protection is needed to keep it healthy and soft.

Your baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to irritations, so it’s essential to only use products that are formulated specifically for babies. These include ingredients that are proven to be suitable and safe for baby’s skin and are free from any potential irritants such as fragrances, parabens and colorants.

The value of touch

Touch is key to emotional bonding and supports physical development.

Creaming your baby’s skin not only helps to keep it healthy and soft, it also plays a major role in their physical development.

The sense of touch is soothing and nurturing. It triggers hormones, boosts immunity and helps fight disease.

Your baby skin protection routine gives you valuable `skin-to-skin` time and will help you bond emotionally.

Bath time with baby

Bathing products specially formulated for babies help care for their delicate skin.

Adding bathing products specially formulated for babies to bath water helps to care for your baby’s skin. Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo is a 2-in-1 tear free formula specifically developed by skin experts to cleanse baby’s delicate skin and hair from head to toe.

Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo and Eucerin Baby Lotion both contain trusted ingredients - Dexpanthenol and Shea Butter - clinically proven to strengthen and protect your baby’s delicate skin.

Preventing and soothing diaper rash

Diapers should be changed frequently, at least every three to four hours or immediately when they are filled.
Healthy baby skin
When it’s warm enough, let your baby’s skin breathe. Fresh air helps to keep your baby’s skin healthy.

Babies are susceptible to diaper rash. However frequently your change your baby’s diaper, they may still develop a rash and some redness and irritation.

Sometimes this rash is caused by their skin reacting to the contents of their diaper, at other times it can be caused by the diaper rubbing against their skin. Some babies are sensitive to the chemicals used in certain disposable diapers, or the detergent used to wash cloth diapers.

New foods, or the introduction of solid foods, can trigger diaper rash too as the composition of your baby’s poo changes.

Finally, the warm, wet diaper environment is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, so it’s easy for an infection to flourish and cause a rash, especially in the cracks and folds of your baby’s skin.

Eucerin Diaper Rash Protection Cream with 15% Zinc Oxide and Dexpanthenol creates an effective barrier - protecting skin while soothing irritation and promoting skin repair.

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