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Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care

For dehydrated, sensitive skin around the eyes

A moisturising cream that provides intense, 24-hour hydration and relieves puffiness and dark circles in the eye contour area.

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I started using it and found it felt different over a week. In the morning my eyes felt brighter and the skin appeared smoother.

Louise, 2019

Product Info

Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care is an innovative eye contour moisturiser that enhances the skin’s own hydration system and leaves skin supple, smooth and radiant. It also reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles in the eye contour area.

Skin needs water to work efficiently and effectively. Well hydrated skin is smooth and supple and looks radiant. When skin’s natural protection barrier is compromised, it loses moisture and becomes dehydrated. Dehydrated skin looks dull, feels tight and is unable to keep external irritants at bay and, as a result, becomes sensitive.

The skin around our eyes is particularly thin and, in dehydrated and sensitive skin, is more likely to display signs of stress and tiredness such as puffiness and dark circles. It needs intense and long-lasting hydration to look and feel at its best.

Most moisturisers improve skin hydration by limiting the evaporation of water from the skin and/or by binding moisture in to the outer layer of skin with humectants such as Glycerin. Skin also has its own hydration system – the Aquaporins. They transport water between skin cells and support skin hydration from within. Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE enhances their natural strength. The formula contains Gluco Glycerol, a state-of-the-art hydrating ingredient, which is proven to increase the number of Aquaporins in the skin. This means that, in addition to limiting evaporation and binding water into the outer layers of skin, Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE enhances skin’s own hydration system. Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care additionally contains refreshing Ginseng and comes with a cooling applicator to counteract the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Eucerin AQUAporin Revitalising Eye Care provides intense, 24-hour hydration for a fresh, revived look. It works against puffiness, counteracts appearance of dark circles and diminishes fine lines. It is clinically and dermatologically proven to be compatible with sensitive skin and is free from fragrance and parabens. It has also been opthalmologically tested and found suitable for contact lenses wearers.

Clinical and dermatological studies

The product has been rigorously tested in both in-vitro and in-vivo studies that verify the efficacy of the range and its compatibility with sensitive skin.

365 women (aged between 20 and 45) took part in a usage test in September 2014 where they tried the product for two weeks. 102 of these women tried Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care. The results were analysed by dermatologists as well as being self-assessed.

Main findings

  • Immediate results: 92% felt it “revitalises and refreshes the skin at once”.
  • Intense moisturisation: increased moisturisation 24 hours after first use.
  • Long-lasting moisturisation: an increase in moisture was still evident 3 days after stopping regular use.
  • Younger-looking: 86% felt their eye contour area was “revitalised and refreshed”.
  • High tolerability: 93% agreed that the product was highly suitable for sensitive skin. It is also suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Reduction of puffiness: eye bags were 20.8% less visible after 9 weeks of application


  • fragrance-free
  • paraben-free
  • alcohol-free
  • non-comedogenic
  • ophthalmologically-tested
  • suitable for use with contact lenses
  • absorbs quickly
  • ideal make-up base

How to use


Apply morning and evening by gently dabbing the cooling applicator provided to the delicate skin around the eyes. For an extra revitalising effect, refrigerate before use.

Your daily skincare routine

Step 1: Cleanse

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Step 2: Tone

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Step 3: Special care

Apply Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care.

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Step 4: Care

Follow with Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE with SPF 25 and UVA protection for all skin types in the morning. In the evening follow with an SPF-free moisturiser. If you have normal to combination skin use Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE for normal to combination skin and if you have dry skin use Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE for dry skin.

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Step 5: Protect

If your skin is going to be exposed to high levels of sun, use an extra protection factor. Try Eucerin Sun Creme SPF 50+ for dry skin and Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 50+ for normal and combination skin.

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Do’s and Don’ts

Use this product if …

You are looking for an intensely hydrating moisturiser for the eye contour area.

You would like to reduce the appearance of tiredness such as puffiness and dark circles in the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Try a different product if …

You are looking for an eye cream for dry skin that reduces wrinkles. Try Eucerin Hyal-Urea Eye Cream.

You are looking for an eye cream to treat fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate eye area of sensitive skin. Try Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Eye Cream.

You are looking for an eye cream with added SPF that reduces wrinkles. Try Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Eye Cream which contains SPF 15 to protect against UVA and UVB rays.


Reduced moisture content due to limited number of Aquaporins (schematic illustration)

Reduced moisture content due to limited number of Aquaporins (schematic illustration)

The unique formula contains nature-identical Gluco Glycerol, an enhanced Glycerol derivative with excellent, scientifically proven moisturising properties. Gluco Glycerol activates the skin’s own moisture distribution channels - the Aquaporins. The formula helps to strengthen skin’s natural barrier to prevent water loss and ensure long-lasting hydration.

FAQ (3)

  • How do I pick the right moisturiser for me?

    Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care is particularly good for those looking for an intensely hydrating eye cream that reduces puffiness and dark circles. You can find information on alternative eye creams and different skin types throughout our website but, if you are unsure, we recommend that you ask a pharmacist or dermatologist for a face-to-face diagnosis.

  • How should I prepare my skin before using Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care?

    Start by removing all eye make-up. For waterproof eye make-up, including even the most stubborn mascara, try Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover. Then cleanse your face thoroughly using the appropriate Eucerin cleanser for your skin type followed by DermatoCLEAN Clarifying Toner. If you are looking for a quicker cleansing solution, try Eucerin DermatoCLEAN 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Fluid. This can also be used to remove water soluble eye make-up. Once the sensitive skin around your eye area is clean, it will be better prepared to absorb the active ingredient in Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care.

  • Why do I need a separate moisturiser for the skin around my eyes?

    The skin around your eyes is thinner than your facial skin and particularly sensitive to all kinds of external influences. Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care contains special lipid components with a very low spreading capacity to make sure they do not reach the eyes' conjunctiva (the mucous membrane that lines the exposed portion of the eyeball and inner surface of the eyelids) and cause tears or burning. Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care has been both clinically and opthalmologically tested so it is proven to be safe for your eyes. The formula is also enriched with Ginseng extract and comes with a cooling applicator to improve efficacy against puffiness and dark circles.

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